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Get peace of mind and ongoing virtual care from world-class veterinarians. 

Unlimited virtual exams and follow-ups for only $19.99/month. 

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Access 3,000+ world-class vets in your pocket


Save thousands and avoid headaches on unnecessary emergency off-hour visits. No signup fee. No hidden costs.

Personalized care

1:1 video chats with a provider who sticks by you. Join a call with one of our always-there vets in less than minute. No appointment needed.

All day, every day

Get ongoing peace of mind about every aspect of your pet's care routine and progress. No question – or pet – is too big or small. 

Be ready for anything

Airvet helps pet parents with:

Diarrhea and vomiting

Flea and tick

Separation anxiety

Itching and scratching

Skin issues like rashes, hives, bumps, and scratches

Paw licking and hot spots

Oral health and hygiene

Behavioral advice like aggression, barking, jumping, leash obedience

Diet and weight loss plans

Personalized nutrition consults

100K+ pet parents helped

$10M+ saved in veterinary bills

50% ER visits avoided

Getting started is easy

How Airvet works:

Download the free app

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Connect instantly with a vet

No wait times. No time limits.

Stay connected

Chat with the same vet for up to 72 hours at no extra cost, or subscribe for easy access whenever.

Real people, real stories

Our 100k+ customers have given Airvet an app store rating of 4.9/5.

Plans and pricing

Airvet Unlimited + Wellness

For the ultimate pet parent. All the best of Airvet Unlimited, plus a wellness plan. Save up to $1500/yr on the everyday care you already provide your pet.

$29.99 per month

Limited time offer until Oct 31, 2021!

  • Unlimited 24/7 video visits and follow-ups with world-class veterinarians.

  • Personalized diet and nutrition programs.

  • Access to experts for behavior and training.

  • Premium support for insurance claims.
  • Get reimbursed up to $650/yr for in-person routine and preventative care at any vet in the country:
Office visits (1/yr)
Vaccines (3/yr)
Routine bloodwork (1/yr)
Fecal tests (1/yr)
Urinalysis (1/yr)
Grooming ($100/yr)
Flea, tick & heartworm medication ($100/yr)

Airvet Unlimited

$19.99 per month

  • Unlimited video visits and follow-ups.

  • Personalized diet and nutrition programs.

  • Access to experts for behavior and training.

  • Premium support for insurance claims.

Meet some of the world-class vets dedicated to getting your pet the care they deserve.

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How Airvet works

Frequently asked questions

Are there any kinds of pets you don’t help?

Airvet’s mission is to care for all pets. We help cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds, rabbits, ferrets, horses, pigs, chickens and even tarantulas too!

How do you select your vets?

Airvet has over 3,000 veterinarians and 5,000 veterinary professionals (which includes veterinary nurses etc) on the platform. We have a rigorous “vetting” process to ensure only the best doctors are approved to be on the platform as well. We also have board certified specialists in behavior, nutrition, dental and oncology.

How many pet parents has Airvet helped so far?

Airvet has helped more than 100,000 pet parents.

Can Airvet help me find the right local vet hospital if needed?

If an office visit is determined to be necessary, vets will refer pet parents to the closest and best available hospital. All notes from the doctor you speak with on Airvet can be shared with your local veterinarian.

Can Airvet prescribe my pet medication?

While we can’t always prescribe medications, due to state-based restrictions, we can always answer questions and provide expert advice and recommendations from a licensed veterinarian.

Where are your vets located?

Airvet is available to pet parents in all 50 states and Canada.

When should I use Airvet?

Airvet is there for you anytime you have questions about your pet or need peace of mind. You can discuss anything from nutrition, behavior, basic health questions and how to provide the best preventative care for your pet. If you’re facing an urgent situation and you’re unsure what kind of care your pet might need, our licensed vets will help you. Don’t let “Dr. Google” cause more concern or confusion. Connect with Airvet and get answers you can trust.

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